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Hello! Nice to meet you. Isn’t it about time we got to know you?

Every new project starts by gathering information to fully understand your hopes, dreams and ambitions for your brand. Before dreaming up designs, I need to get to the heart of your business so, together, we can craft a brand that feels right for what you want to achieve. This could take some time to fill in so get comfy, treat yourself to some doughnuts and let your brain work it’s magic.

If you get stuck and want some help answering anything, just give me a shout. Don’t forget to hit ‘submit’ once it’s all filled in, and beware, I don’t think it will save your progress. Happy answering!


01. About you
Name *
Invoice Address*
Invoice Address*
02. About your company
Tell me about your business.
If so, where can we see it and what message do you think it currently conveys?
03. Your personality
04. Your customers
What do they do? Where do they shop? What brands do they like?
05. Look and feel
Provide us with links to any bits and pieces or websites you've seen.
What don't you like?
06. Deliverables
We don't mark up print prices but this could help influence designs as budget can affect the end result.
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